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Archive: Enhancement Request


The Credit display should only display the seconds when the total time is below a certain threshold of say five minutes. Having the seconds continuously ticking off is distracting to the customer.
richard burks

Answer: (1)

Re: Visualization of remaining-credit 3/9/2002 4:17 PM
Hi Richard,

nearly exactly what you suggested is already possible with SiteKiosk. If you change the visualization of remaining-credit you can have SiteKiosk display minutes without seconds as long as the user has more than one minute - when the remaining time becomes less than 60 seconds SiteKiosk displays only seconds.

Use the configuration wizard to edit your SiteKiosk configuration - select the SiteCash wizard page and click on the "Advanced" button - then select "Visualization" and choose "60 Minuten" from the combo box (sorry for the missing translation - will be fixed in the next release).

Please let me know if this was what you had in mind.

Best Regards,
Andreas Köpf