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Archive: program application screen


three comments
1. I don't think the "start program" text is necessary. The start program icon is intuitive in itself. If you have all sever applications listed the "start program" text is irritating.

2. Since we are limited to only seven applications can we display all seven in one screen instead of having to scroll down to find apps? Cosmetics here would really help.
3. why are we limited to only seven apps? I can see having lots of apps here.

Answer: (1)

Re: program application screen 3/9/2002 3:59 PM
Dear Mr. Burks,

you can change the programms html page freely! :-) It's the tools.htm which you can find in the Html\Programs\ subdirectory of your SiteKiosk installation path.

On the other hand we will remove the restriction for only seven apps in the next release. You are absolutely right - the restriction to seven programms makes no sense at all (actually this is a relict from a very early SiteKiosk version where there were Favorites instead of programms).

I will forward your comments to our designer...

Andreas Köpf