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Archive: out of time


instead of popping up a message in the middle of the screen during the customer's PAID time could we instead just make the time left display more noticable during the last few minutes and then when the customer's time is up, just freeze the screen and pop up a message to insert more money to continue (with a count down timer)? This allows the customer to continue with what (s)he was doing. The is the same proven metheod coin-op video games use and it is user friendly and works. I strongly recommend this change.

Answer: (1)

Re: out of time 3/9/2002 3:02 PM
Dear Mr. Burks,

thank you very much for your opinion. Right now it is possible to completely disable the running-out-of-time html-message window or to replace it's content with your own version. It is also possible to change the remaining-time level when this window should pop up. Unfortunately SiteKiosk does not wait when the credit level reaches zero and navigates immediatley back to the starting page (after closing all other open windows).

We will discuss wether it is possible to make the SiteCash session-end even more customizable.

Best Regards,
Andreas Koepf