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Archive: Control local files access


Just updated the software in our public Internet access terminals, including Sitekiosk (OS=Win2k SP2++). Sitekiosk itself, does a good just at restricting local file access. However, in updating all additional software, some media player apps (RealOne - new RealPlayer) now have media browsers built into them. Any rules that I specified for window control, seem not to apply to the media player RealOne. I CAN ACCESS the local drive, and run some applications from within the RealOne media browser.
Being Win2k, I could create security policies at the OS level, but would like to investigate other avenues first
I am sure there must be some other science/museums around the world that also have public internet terminals, that must be experiencing the same issue(s).

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Andy Rauer
Ontario Science Centre
Toronto, Canada

Answer: (2)

Re: Control local files access 3/7/2002 4:39 PM
Just an added note to the RealOne media player, local file access. Its media browser DOES use IE. So it looks like I may need some registry hacks.??

Re: RealPlayer One Security Problems 3/9/2002 6:21 PM
Dear Mr. Rauer,

> I CAN ACCESS the local drive, and run
> some applications from within the RealOne
> media browser.

By now the only way is to uninstall RealPlayer One.
Since the webbrowser control is hosted by Realplayer One as a childwindow of the main-application window it will not be possible to block it by SiteKiosk (you could only block the whole RealPlayer One .. but I guess that might not be what you want) - respectively the access to local files will be possible by entering a local path in the RealPlayer One's URL-address bar. As long as the Reaplyer One is installed it is a security hole. We know that the Realplayer is required by many pages but we cannot change the product of another company. Perhaps you could send a suggestion to Real in which you ask for an option to restrict or disable the media browser feature at all.
SiteKiosk can only block whole windows and it is possible to block the "Media Browser" when it is opend non-docked in an external window. The window has the window class "GeminiWindowClass" and the title "MediaBrowser" - but unfortunately it is possible to switch between docked and nondocked window-mode in RealPlayer One very easily.

Please let us know if you find something out about this. Up to now I would say that Real has rendered their browser useless for public internet terminals.

Best regards,
Andreas Köpf