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Archive: Cost of Service (CoS) feature


I would like to be able to charge for certain applications or events (ie. printing a page).

How this would work:
1. anytime someone presses the print button a pop up would tell the customer what the cost is and ask for either a yes or no. The cost would most likely be in the form of "time". an example would be to print a document would cost 5 minutes per page printed.

2. I would like to see an option where I could charge for certain events. For my application I would want the customer to be able to envoke a selection within my own application and have my application decrement some amount of time from your browser application. Of course there needs to be a way to verify that there is enough time to decrement.

richard burks

Answer: (1)

Re: Cost of Service (CoS) feature 3/12/2002 12:36 PM
Dear Mr. Burks,

please let me refer to you questions as follows:

With SiteCash you can charge for printing a page with a certain price per page you specified. In this case, the user will see a dialog box whenever he or she wants to print something. The user will then have to decide if he or she wants to cancel or pay for the print job.

However, in general it is not possible to charge for printing on a time basis as you requested since SiteCash only allows for defining a per page price and charges the user for the time he or she spends on HTML-pages but not for the use of applications.
Thus, you can only INDIRECTLY charge the user for using applications e.g printing by defining the HTML-page on which the program is started as a pay site. Please read my answer to your question dated 03/10/02 for further instruction.

Please read my answer to your question dated 03/12/02.

Heinz Horstmann