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Archive: Free Time and Space, or at least different rates.


I would like to have the option to charge different rates for certain websites and applications.

I would like to allow the customer to surf certain websites for free and thus suspend the time clock. This works very well with the CoS feature where the customer can browse a database application for free but is charged "time" for selecting something from within that application (ie. tickets).

And perhaps, charge the customer at a different rate for some applications. When a customer envokes one of the programs (s)he would be told that this application is charged at a 'faster' rate which changes the clock rate during that application.

The different rates is a nice to have, but the free space is needed for my own application of this product. I hope it is possible.

richard burks

Answer: (1)

Re: SiteCash-Pullmodus enables debit transactions 3/12/2002 12:29 PM
Dear Mr. Burks,

thank you for your iquiry. SiteCash grants you the option to charge different rates for certain websites and paths. You can also define zone rates for certain websites and paths which are free of charge e.g. your own website. Generally SiteCash only charges the user for the time he or she spends on HTML-pages but not for the use of applications.
However, with the latest version of SiteKiosk you can use a Pullmodus that enables you to charge your customer
through Javascript. This means for instance that a customer can be asked to insert a certain amount of money before he/she can access a certain website.

Please contact me if you need further assistance.

Heinz Horstmann