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Archive: LOg OUT, shutdown dialer


When you click on LOGOUT, sitekiosk goes back to the startpage, but it will not close the connection and rest the time.

For example: A user has 5 minutes, he only check his mail and leave in 3 min. He clicks on logout. Then a timer reset and close connection.

Now another user can use the time left without paying

Answer: (1)

Re: LOg OUT, shutdown dialer 6/6/2002 6:02 PM
The connection is closed 12 seconds after someone clicks on Logout (as far as I know)
The reason is that some customer define a startpage which is in the web (and has to be loaded) and therefore it is useful not to disconnect the line directly.

Regarding the credit. A possible workaround is to write a logout script (Scripts for the logout can be configured within the wizard).

Currently it is possible to get the current available amount by script and it is possible to charge one time fees (all documentated within the help at SiteCash)
So all you have to do is to write a script which debits the account with the total available amount. The advantage is that you can inform the user about this before you delete his credit.