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Archive: Accessibility plug-in


Something I would find very useful (as well as many other developers with government clients) would be some sort of accessibility plug-in.
This would be similar to a screen reader module, much like connect outloud, window-eyes, and lookout.

Something that allows people who are blind or have vision problems to listen to web page content and navigate using auditory cues and a few basic keys.

Unfortunately, with any of the screen-reader software I've tried using SiteKiosk, one of the following happens:
a) the screen reader software crashes
b) SiteKiosk crashes
or even worse,
c) Blue Screen of Death!

If I don't run SiteKiosk in full-screen mode, everything works fine. I figure the problem is with display driver hooks between SiteKiosk and the screen readers.

Government kiosks have to be accessible to users with disabilities per Section 508 (
If there was some good web kiosk software that addressed these issues, it would be very useful to a much larger market!

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Re: Accessibility plug-in 6/4/2002 8:31 AM
Sounds useful to me. We will discuss this suggestion within our team.
Thank you.