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Archive: Option to save into and load form only one directory on c:


We use site kiosk in an situation where people are invited to build their own I-mode site. We would like these people to be able to upload images to the online editor but therefore the images have to be on a local harddisk.

Is there a way that we can let people download images to a certain directory and upload from the same directory but keeping other security features untouched?

It’s like no save and open dialogs but only for this path.


Sybolt Ettema.

Answer: (1)

Re: Option to save into and load form only one directory on c: 6/28/2002 12:23 PM
As far as I understood the problem you only need to allow the "save as" dialog to allow people to save images to the disk and the "choose file" dialog to allow people to include a local image within your I-Mode website.
I recommend that you use Win2K or WinXP and that you install Sitekiosk as followed: (see also Sitekosk helpfile "Step 2- Installation at WinNT/2K/XP")

1. Install SiteKiosk as administrator or as user with administrator rights.
2. Create a local user, e.g. name "surfer" with password "xxxxx"
3. Deprive the user of his or her rights except writing/reading rights for the registry and the path where you want users to save and choose files..
You can also do this by means of the tool regedt32.exe (available on your computer).
4.Start SiteKiosk and enable the following options in the dialog box:
a) Replace the current system shell
b) Disable any keyboard input during startup
c) Log on automatically at system startup with created user's name and password
SiteKiosk will ask you to boot the computer
After rebooting, the computer will log on the local user and start SiteKiosk

In additon you should install TWEAK UI (available at our download site at tools) on your system and hide the drives you do not want users to access. This alone is not a real protection but together with the settings above it should work.

Of course you also have to delete the entries "Save as*" and "Choose file*" within the window management list of your sitekiosk configuration.