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Archive: Very fine work but problem with "Save as"



this software is a very great job. The kiosk software we were waiting for !

A little problem :

i don't manage to block the "save as" function.

This is annoying because when all disk access have been blocked users have still the access to the desktop in the "save as" window.

They are able to save the PDF files they read, for instance.


Answer: (1)

Re: Very fine work but problem with "Save as" 4/2/2002 5:53 PM
Within the Sitekiosk configuration you will find the Window management. The window management includes most strings (window titles) for windows which should not be allowed.
So, if your dialog has the title "save as" then it should be blocked properly. If you are using an belgian operating system then I guess the dialog title will NOT be "save as" but the belgian pendant.
So please make sure that you have included manually the right window titles for the included dialogs, e.g. "save as", "download", "browse", etc.
You can also send us the correct dialog titles and we will include them by standard.