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Support Request: Upload files


What configuration needs to be set to allow users to browse to files and upload them? Help files do not seem to be relevant to this version.

What charge to upgrade from the current version to 6.5:

Thanks in advance.

Peter Devenish
Corporate ICT
Bristol City Council
+44 (0) 117 903 6959

Answer: (1)

Re: Upload files 4/19/2007 1:52 PM

you have to disable the checkbox "Block HTTP post file uploads" at -->Security-->Access to allow users to upload files.
It could be that there is no article about this option in SiteKiosk 6.0 because the File Manager is only integrated since SiteKiosk 6.2.51.

But the Update from version 6.o to 6.5 is for free.

Notes on Updates

Free updates
Updates within the same major version of SiteKiosk are generally provided free of charge. For every license you obtain you will be provided with a license key, valid for all versions within the major version of SiteKiosk. Thus, a license key obtained for version 6 will be valid for version 6.0 through 6.9. Therefore, you can always download the most current build of a major version for free and release it with your license key.
What might be interesting in this context is that this policy will also allow you to implement new features into your software at no additional costs (e.g. if new payment devices have been integrated).

Updates at cost
Whenever there is a major version change (e.g. from 4.X to 5.X), you can obtain the new version at a favorable upgrade price.
The current update prices you can find in our web shop (StoreUpdates) At it is 79,-Euro.

Michael Olbrich