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Support Request: SiteKiosk - Shut Down Expert.



I am using sitekiosk 6.5, and I have this : app to hybernate my clients, and wake em again.

But when I have sitekiosk running it wont run.

the shut down expert program, is running in the background, but wont hybernate..

If I close sitekiosk, it hybernates.

I tryed setting up rules, in the window and dialog section, but still wont hybernate.
the shut down program is running in proccesses, it does not have a window that opens when it fires hybernation.

Hope you understands my questen....

/Anders Jensen

Answer: (1)

Re: SiteKiosk - Shut Down Expert. 5/3/2007 3:07 PM

does your application start as windows service or as exe file in the "Start-Up" folder?

Is your application working correctly if you are using the "RunOnce" mode of SiteKiosk?

Michael Olbrich