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Support Request: preventing webforms allowing people to put in email addresses


Hello SiteKiosk

I work for Citizens Advice. We have a number of kiosks used for information by the public. We are putting them into prisons for use by offenders so they can get information and advice. We used sitecoach to block out innappropriate websites. This works fine and we are happy with it.

The prisons are worried about "contact us" pages on the internet. Their concern is that a prisoner might fill in lots of these forms with the email address of someone they want to harrass (eg a witness), and they then might get lots of corrrespondence, phone calls etc.

Is there a way of preventing this from happening - either recognising that the form requires an email address and stopping it from being displayed or trapping the form somehow?

Malcolm Taylor
Kiosk project manager
Citizens Advice

Answer: (1)

Re: preventing webforms allowing people to put in email addresses 5/25/2007 12:27 PM

you can use the "Customized Search Patterns" of the content filter (-->Content Filter-->Customize) to add your own terms to the list.
e.g. "Contact us", "Contact"...

Michael Olbrich