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Support Request: Credit Card Payments - Selling Products Not Browser Time


My company is developing Self Service Kiosks where we sell products. We plan to use Site Kiosk as the basis for this.

We want to take Credit Card / Debit Card payments. We don't want user to be required to Credit Cards enter blling information, as on our Website

After the payment is authorised we program and issue Smartcards.

How can we pass the Shopping Cart Amount into your Object Model to take the Payment ?

Thanks, Simon Drew

Answer: (1)

Re: Credit Card Payments - Selling Products Not Browser Time 5/25/2007 12:38 PM

you should have a look to the "SiteCash Object" in the SiteKiosk Object Model help.

- The Debit method decreases the amount of available (SiteKiosk) credit.
- The DebitCard method debits the credit card.
- The Debit method of the ACOS Object decreases the credit saved to the card.

Michael Olbrich