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Support Request: File webpferd.aspx file instead of doc


Good Moning!
I installed sitekiosk latest version on a windows 2000 English machine, fully updates with windows patches.
We need to use it with a webapplication that have a button "print"

If you click it from a normal windows browser, it opens the "save file" mask, allowing you to save or open the doc file with microsoft word 2003 (already installed on the windows 2000 machine)

With sitekiosk it does not create it correctly on DOC format but it creates only that webpferd.aspx, that obviously i'm not able to open.

Can you provide me support? I also tried modifying the XML file as stated on this page

but without results

any help would be appreciated



Answer: (4)

Re: File webpferd.aspx file instead of doc 5/29/2007 5:55 PM

regarding you description it seems that the downloads on this web site are not started directly but through redirects.

In this case you have the possibility to allow the Internet Explorer download dialog.

Please have a look to the SiteKiosk help at
-->Browser Functions-->Download Manager -->Disable Download Manager and allow normal IE download dialog box

Michael Olbrich
Re: File webpferd.aspx file instead of doc 12/10/2007 7:13 AM

i've got the same problem with a variety of pages.
How allow normal IE download dialog box because i delete all dialog box in monitored windows, it doesn't work and i try to add a simple line with windows class : #32770 and windows title : * and it also doesn't work.

Thanks you so much

Re: File webpferd.aspx file instead of doc 12/10/2007 10:53 AM

please read the help section that was listed in the post before yours carefully and stick to the described way. There is no need to delete all entries from the windows and dialogs list or to create a new one. Also remember to allow downloads in the SiteKiosk configuration and to make the manual changes required to the configuration file you are using. When manually adding the URLs, be sure that they are the ones that the download is actually coming from (which may not be the ones that you click a download button on).
Re: File webpferd.aspx file instead of doc 12/13/2007 6:50 AM

i apologize about that, i had not understand that it have to go to the help section of sitekiosk, i'm very sorry and thank you very much about that.

i solved the problem now with your help, thank you