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Support Request: Can you use a domain account instead of the local SiteKiosk account?


Can I configure SiteKiosk 6.5 to not use the local SiteKiosk account & have it use a Domain account? I want to use an account that would have access to receive Microsoft patches and other SMS pushes & I am worried that the SiteKiosk local account will not allow me to accomplish this.

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Re: Can you use a domain account instead of the local SiteKiosk account? 5/31/2007 10:43 AM

as the Windows Updates are running as Windows service in the SYSTEM user account the Windows updates also work if you are using the restricted SiteKiosk user.

But nevertheless you can use any other Windows user if you choose "Customized" instead of "Autostart" in the last quick start menu.
More information you will find in the SiteKiosk help -->Select Starting Mode

But consider that you have to grant the corresponding user read/write access to the necessary registry paths if you are using a non administrator user (besides the SiteKiosk user).

How to:

Also please note that the settings of the System-Security-Manager only apply to the SiteKiosk user but no other Windows user.

Michael Olbrich