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Support Request: Setting Up MSN Live Messenger


I'm sorry for reposting but I thought this guide might be useful to other users and my original thread is probably closed since I cannot post an answer. Please move it to the appropriate location if you think it is necessary

So after a bit of a hassle here is the solution I came up with. I'm writing it down so everyone can read it.

To set up MSN messenger here are the steps you have to follow

1. Install MSN Live Messenger
2. Run System Security Manager and set the limited account to unprotected
3. Exit without running sitekiosk
4. Run sitekiosk configuration and add msnmsgr.exe to the list of executable applications (C:\Program Files|MSN Messenger\msnmsgr.exe)
5. Go to Security --> Windows & Dialogs (within sitekiosk configuration). At the bottom of the list you will find a restricted window under the name *Option*. This is what prevents the options window of any application to be opened including MSN Messenger. Click it and choose Edit. Change the setting to "Explicitly allow the display of this window" (Third radio button on the top of the dialog window) and save settings.
6. Run Sitekiosk with Autorun option. When logged on, check if the tray icon appears for MSN Messenger. If yes open it from there. Otherwise try to run MSN Messenger clicking the icon on the desktop. If it fails to run, log off (without changing start settings) and logon to the restricted account once again (default password is "provisio"). Now you should see the tray icon nect to the clock.
7. Open MSN Messenger and choose Tools --> Options --> General and deactivate the "Automatically run Windows Live Messenger when I log on to Windows" option and save your settings. DO NOT TRY TO CONNECT YET
8. Log off from the restricted account and log on to your adminitrators account.
9. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\Sitekiosk and create a folder named Contacts. This folder is normally created by Messenger the first time you connect but since you haven't connected yet from sitekiosk's restricted account you have to do it manually.
10. Run System Security Manager and set the account once again to protected. Ok and exit wizard. Run the same application once again and choose Customized. Under Folder Options locate the C:\Documents and Settings\Sitekiosk\Contacts folder and give it Read and Write access rights. Save settings and choose sitekiosk's configuration.
11. Repeat step 5 and change the setting once again to "Close Window immediately" (First radio button). Save settings and run sitekiosk with Autorun options. Run MSN and try to logon. It should work fine!

I'm using sitekiosk 6.6 build 194 and Windows Live messenger v. 8.1
Remember that when you run System Security Manager all previous settings so you will have to re-enter any other customized settings you applied to other folders e.g. a game.

This is the method I used. I don't know if there is a more correct way (I followed the above instructions as well as the help files but still had problems. Step number 5 seems to be 100% necessary)

Thanks to José and Mr. Michael Olbrich for their help

Answer: (1)

Re: Setting Up MSN Live Messenger 7/10/2007 12:33 PM

you dont need step 5 if you just login to the SiteKiosk user account without starting SiteKiosk.

Here is the description of the SiteKiosk help:

If you do want to use the MSN Messenger Application, we would like to give the following advice:

1. Set the restricted SiteKiosk user to Unprotected using the SiteKiosk System Security Manager.
2. Log on with the SiteKiosk user and start the Messenger.
3. Select the entry Options under Tools, which you will find in the toolbar.
4. Make sure to deactivate all options that automatically start and/or log on the Messenger. Usually you will find these under General and Personal (this can differ according to the Messenger version you use). These settings disallow the start of the Messenger outside the control of SiteKiosk and therefore enable for example the charging for using the application. The charge for using applications will be deducted if you entered MSN Messenger under Applications in the configuration tool and you made the use of applications subject to a charge.
5. Log off from the SiteKiosk user and return to your administrator account.
6. Start the SiteKiosk System Security Manager and select Protected. If you are using the Live Messenger version choose Customized before leaving the manager and make sure the folder c:\documents and settings\SiteKiosk\contacts gets read and write rights.
7. Add Messenger to the list of allowed applications in SiteKiosk's configuration tool.
The program path is usually C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\msnmsgr.exe.
8. Start SiteKiosk and select Autostart from the Quick Start menu, this will also place the small Messenger icon in the task bar once the application has been started within SiteKiosk.

Michael Olbrich