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Support Request: Screen Resolution settings


We are experiencing a change in the Screen Resolution settings with the attached config file. The resolution will change to the base vga windows settings and the machine must be rebooted and the resolution settings reset from an administrator account. I have set Kiosk to run in the highest resolution, and tried other settings such as turning on/off screen savers, standby modes etc. I'm sure that we are missing some little thing that is causing this, but it's an important issue to the users; therefore, any help would be appreciated.

Matt Ploch

Answer: (3)

Re: Screen Resolution settings 7/10/2007 12:52 PM

you have activated a screen resolution of 1024x768 32Bit 60Hz in this configuration at -->Display-->Monitor-->Activate automatic resolution.

If "Activate automatic resolution" is turned on, the screen resolution will be automatically changed when SiteKiosk starts up.
If you want to use a screen resolution that is not listed or you want to leave the resolution settings like they are, turn off this option.

Michael Olbrich
Re: Screen Resolution settings 7/10/2007 9:21 PM

In my config file I have turned on the "activate automatic resolution" to the default setting of the computer, but it still resets itself to 600x800 16bit color, I'm not sure what triggers it and it is intermittant, and does this accross 2 different hardware setups.
Re: Screen Resolution settings 7/11/2007 2:07 PM

if you disable the option “Activate automatic resolution” SiteKiosk doesn’t change the screen resolution at all.
If enabled, SiteKiosk does change the resolution only at the start-up of SiteKiosk.

To change/check the screen resolution setting of the SiteKiosk user account manually you can proceed as follows:

1. Set the System-Security-Manager to "Unprotected"
2. Add the SiteKiosk user to the administrator group (Windows User setting -->Control Panel-->User Accounts)
3. Login as SiteKiosk user (default password "provisio")
4. Check or change your settings
5. Logout
6. Login as Administrator and add the SiteKiosk user to the user group
7. Set the System-Security-Manager to "Protected"

If you have disabled the option “Activate automatic resolution” the resolution will be the same as you have configured for the SiteKiosk user.

Michael Olbrich