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Support Request: Installation Guide?


I have inherited a SiteKiosk installation from a fellow employee who left abruptly without providing any documentation. I have no detailed knowledge of the product. We are installing two new SiteKiosk computers at a remote location. Is there a Installation Guide or other documentation that can walk me through the set up of the software? Or is the install program self explanatory?

I do plan on using the security profile from our other location (importing the *.skcfg).

Please respond to lloyd.christopher(at) or by phone 1(440)808-3281. Thank you.

Chris Lloyd

Answer: (2)

Re: Installation Guide? 7/10/2007 7:37 PM
Can you please send the response to Not the email address listed erroneously in the first email. I aplogize for my mistake and any inconvenience it may have caused.
Re: Installation Guide? 7/11/2007 12:10 PM

usually the installation should be self explanatory.

With the installation of SiteKiosk you will also install a very detailed help of SiteKiosk.

If you need clarification for a setting on one of the configuration pages of SiteKiosk please click the help button in the lower right corner of that page.
This button is available on nearly all of the pages in the configuration and the start menu and links you to the page of the help file that deals with the exact settings of that page.

This usually answers most of the questions regarding configuration settings for SiteKiosk.

On you will find a comprehensive support section that includes an FAQ with details on most of the common problems you might run into with the SiteKiosk software.

You will also find a PDF brochure in the download section which provides an overview of the extensive features of our SiteKiosk

If any of these do not help you with a problem you can of course contact our free technical support via e-mail.

The contact data you will find here:

But please try the above options first.

If you want to test our product you don't need to register the trial version of SiteKiosk

The shareware version has no restrictions regarding the functions of SiteKiosk.
The trial version is the full Payment Bundle version

The only restrictions are:
- Users may enter the ESC-menu with any password, which allows access to the operating system
- Shareware notes that block access for 30 seconds appear in the browser every five minutes
- If you have activated an "Auto Start," Option the browser will ask for the registration code just before the browser starts

Michael Olbrich