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Support Request: License unregistered after 2 years



We have a client that has used a sitekiosk license on 1 computer for about 2 years. But since a few weeks they get a message that sitekiosk is a unregistered version. The machine starts sitekiosk automatically and after some time they get this message. When i log off and logon as administrator (sitekiosk start automatically) i need to use the password to quit sitekiosk.
The license is Name:
We have removed the license information in the registry and at the first start of sitekiosk we entered the license info again. The license is accepted and it works again. But after some time we get the error message again and i can close sitekiosk without the password.

At this moment i don't have the exact version no.

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Re: License unregistered after 2 years 7/12/2007 5:10 PM

as this is a public!! discussion board I deleted your licence information.

Otherwise other people can use it to register and you licence will be blocked because of licence abuse.

Please contact our sales department via e-mail

Michael Olbrich