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Support Request: Logout button not working in Cash Session with SiteCafe enabled


I have run into what looks like a bug in the 6.6.194 release of sitekiosk.
When I enable a Bill Acceptor and SiteCafe the Logout button does not work, it does nothing, user is not logged out when clicked. If I disable SiteCafe I am able to log out after inserting cash but remaining time is discarded. Also, with SiteCafe enabled I am able to Log IN with an account from the SiteCafe Server, and when logged in from account a CAN Logout, the Logout button functions normally if the session was started from SiteCafe account.
To recap, when cash money (or credit card) payment is used the Logout feature malfunctions and the user is not allowed to create/save time to an account (with SiteCafe, Matrix USB DBA and ISO/Magtek credit card payment enabled).
Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Logout button not working in Cash Session with SiteCafe enabled 7/13/2007 3:32 PM

as I can't reproduce this issue could you please send your SiteKiosk configuration and a current log file from the day when the problem happened by e-mail?

You will find these files in
--> c:\Program Files\SiteKiosk\Config
--> c:\Program Files\SiteKiosk\Logfiles

Michael Olbrich
Re: Logout button not working in Cash Session with SiteCafe enabled 7/13/2007 10:31 PM
I am preparing the log files now and will be sending them soon.
As for reproducing the problem, let me give you a step by step.....

1) Enable Bill mechanism (I am using Matrix USB)
2) Enable SiteCafe
3) Insert Cash into the bill acceptor
4) Attempt to LOGOUT from either the button on the browser OR the logout button on the Start Menu. In either case nothing will happen when you hit LOGOUT if you have started the session by inserting cash.

Further notes....
If SiteCafe is disabled the logout button works fine, but remaining time is discarded (after you are warned time will be discarded)
If SiteCafe is Enabled and the session is started by LOGIN from SiteCafe account the Logout button works fine.
If session is started from cash and Logout button fails to work, the "My Account" button DOES WORK, if you create an account from "My Account" the remaining time IS merged to the account and at this point the LOGOUT button DOES work.

Basically, the machine fails to pop up the window that says "would you like to save your time to account" and navigate to the Membership screen when the logout button is clicked (if session was started from Cash while SiteCafe is enabled)....
Hope that helps you reproduce the problem....
Re: Logout button not working in Cash Session with SiteCafe enabled 7/13/2007 11:14 PM
Log files have been sent. Actually I sent two emails, the first log file was a bit long because I had messed with the machine quite a bit trying to figure out what was going on. To make it easier to pinpoint the error in the log file I deleted the longer log file then booted up SiteKiosk, inserted $10 cash and reproduced the error several times by hitting the Logout button on both the browser and the Start Menu. The second email you receive will have the more concise log file for just the above actions. There is indeed a SiteCafe error logged:

40 083a 2007-07-13 15:57:50 -0500 [SiteCafe] [k_DeviceScriptSite::OnScriptError] Microsoft JScript runtime error: "'Dialog' is undefined" at line 204, char 1\n

Looks like there is an error on line 204......
Additional SiteCafe related bug..... 7/14/2007 7:13 AM
I just noticed another SiteCafe related problem....

If there is a bill acceptor installed with SiteCafe enabled, if the sitecafe server is unavailable temporarily for any reason the kiosk will accept money in the bill acceptor and not credit the user at all. To reproduce this behavior:

Enable SIteCafe over network connection
Enable Bill mechanism
Load SiteKiosk with network and SiteCafe working and available
UNPLUG network cable temporarily (to make SiteCafe Server unavailable)
Insert Cash.....

At this point the machine will sit there and accept any amount of cash you feed it and not give a single credit to the user, so that is a substantial problem.

My suggestion to the Provisio programmers to resolve these issues regarding the possibility of the SiteCafe Server being temporarily offline...

Make the kiosk conduct transactions locally (as if SiteCafe were not enabled) if the SiteCafe Server is unavailable when a transaction is taking place, and have the kiosk synchronize the local transaction(s) with the SiteCafe server when it comes back online. The only thing you would have to disable when the SiteCafe Server is unavailable is the creation of new accounts, to eliminate the potential for duplicate accounts being created while the SiteCafe Database is not online to check if the username has been taken. This way users with accounts could still log off a kiosk if the SiteCafe Server is unavailable, their account would not be re-activated until that kiosk connects back to the SiteCafe Server to synchronize the account. In the case of having cash/credit in the machine with no account associated and the SiteCafe database goes offline, that user would either have to use up their time in the current session or logout and discard the remaining time (again, as if SiteCafe was not enabled). This way the kiosk could still accept cash and credit cards for "pay as you go" sessions while the SIteCafe Server is unavailable, the records of these transactions could be synchronized from the kiosk to the server when the server comes back online, keeping all financial data 100% accurate on the SiteCafe Server.

I hope you guys will give serious thought to implementing a system similar to what I am suggesting above to make the kiosks work better when they have both cash devices and SiteCafe enabled.


PS Below is a log file from a machine with a Matrix USB bill mech and SiteCafe enabled. I loaded SIteKiosk with the SiteCafe Server available, disconnected the network cable to make SiteCafe unavailable, inserted a bill which was rejected, then inserted a bill that was accepted with no credit given. (See NULL NULL in the logs) It doesn't appear to even note in the log what denomination bill I inserted (which was a US $10). Credit was never given for the bill, the machine would accept as many bills as you feed it in this condition and not credit or even note the bill(s) denomination apparently.....

20 03e9 2007-07-13 19:19:57 -0500 [SiteKiosk] started
20 083a 2007-07-13 19:19:57 -0500 [SiteCafe] [k_SiteCafeDevice::Activate] Device activated
20 07d1 2007-07-13 19:19:57 -0500 [SiteCash] Account successfully initialized. (Active devices: 1)
20 07d0 2007-07-13 19:19:57 -0500 [SiteCash] Zone changed: "Home Page" (Type: Liable for costs, Price/hour: USD 6.000000)
20 03ec 2007-07-13 19:19:57 -0500 [SiteKiosk] Navigation: file:///C:/Program%20Files/SiteKiosk/Skins/Public/Startpages/Portal/Start.html
20 03ed 2007-07-13 19:19:57 -0500 [SiteKiosk] Frame-Navigation: file:///C:/Program%20Files/SiteKiosk/Skins/Public/Startpages/Portal/Languages.html
20 03ed 2007-07-13 19:19:57 -0500 [SiteKiosk] Frame-Navigation: file:///C:/Program%20Files/SiteKiosk/Skins/Public/Startpages/Portal/StdButtons.html
20 03ed 2007-07-13 19:19:57 -0500 [SiteKiosk] Frame-Navigation: file:///C:/Program%20Files/SiteKiosk/Skins/Public/Startpages/Portal/CustomButtons.html
20 0000 2007-07-13 19:19:58 -0500 [SiteKiosk] Notification: SYSTEM INFORMATION - Computer Name: K-46, Computer Guid: 7f86859b-126a-4269-923c-59730f85ff7e, User Agent Information: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.30; SiteKiosk 6.6 Build 194), Running under restricted SiteKiosk user: false
20 0000 2007-07-13 19:19:58 -0500 [SiteKiosk] Notification: [Memory Status] Physical Memory: 303.30 MB (718.24 MB free, 29.7% used); Paging File: 182.11 MB (2.22 GB free, 7.4% used)
20 0000 2007-07-13 19:19:58 -0500 [SiteKiosk] Notification: [Process Status] GDI Objects: 305; USER Objects: 95; Handles: 999; Process Memory Usage: 32.64 MB
20 083a 2007-07-13 19:19:58 -0500 [SiteCafe] [k_SiteCafeConnection::OnConnect] Socket 0x054ef418 connected, Error: 0
20 083a 2007-07-13 19:20:16 -0500 [SiteCafe] [k_SiteCafeConnection::OnClose] Socket 0x054ef418 closed, Error: 10053
20 083a 2007-07-13 19:20:17 -0500 [SiteCafe] [k_SiteCafeDevice::Poll] Not connected to server. Trying to reconnect every 10 seconds.
20 083a 2007-07-13 19:20:17 -0500 [SiteCafe] [k_SiteCafeConnection::OnConnect] Socket 0x054ef418 connected, Error: 10065
20 0839 2007-07-13 19:20:21 -0500 [GlobalBill] Bill rejected
20 083a 2007-07-13 19:20:28 -0500 [SiteCafe] [k_SiteCafeConnection::OnConnect] Socket 0x054ef418 connected, Error: 10065
20 083a 2007-07-13 19:20:30 -0500 [SiteCafe] [k_SiteCafeDevice::Credit] Function not available, not connected.
40 07d0 2007-07-13 19:20:30 -0500 [SiteCash] (null): "(null)" at line 90, char 2
20 083a 2007-07-13 19:20:39 -0500 [SiteCafe] [k_SiteCafeConnection::OnConnect] Socket 0x054ef418 connected, Error: 10065
20 083a 2007-07-13 19:20:50 -0500 [SiteCafe] [k_SiteCafeConnection::OnConnect] Socket 0x054ef418 connected, Error: 10065
20 083a 2007-07-13 19:21:01 -0500 [SiteCafe] [k_SiteCafeConnection::OnConnect] Socket 0x054ef418 connected, Error: 10065
20 083a 2007-07-13 19:21:04 -0500 [SiteCafe] [k_SiteCafeDevice::Deactivate] Device dectivated
20 07d2 2007-07-13 19:21:04 -0500 [SiteCash] SiteCash was shut down
20 0000 2007-07-13 19:21:04 -0500 [SiteKiosk] Notification: Beginning deletion of temporary internet files.
20 0000 2007-07-13 19:21:04 -0500 [SiteKiosk] Notification: 0 temporary internet files successfully deleted. Done.
20 03ea 2007-07-13 19:21:04 -0500 [SiteKiosk] closed
Re: Logout button not working in Cash Session with SiteCafe enabled 7/16/2007 1:39 PM

thank for your detailed feedback and for reporting us these issues.

Regarding - Logout button not working in Cash Session with SiteCafe enabled:
This issue is a known bug and it has been fixed. The fix will be released with the forthcoming version of SiteKiosk.

The release is planned within the next 2 - 3 weeks. But this date is without any guarantee because one does never know what may show up during testing.

Regarding the second issue - Additional SiteCafe related bug…:
It was reproducible and I assigned it to our developer team.
They will validate if this behaviour is a SiteKiosk bug and will fix it, in case it is.

But I assume that for technical reasons it is not possible to disable the Matrix bill acceptor.
Normally all SiteCash devices will be disabled if there is no connection to the SiteCafe Server (e.g. the EMP800 Coin acceptor works correctly).

Maybe you can use the SiteCafe Startpage Template or the “Check Internet Connection” feature that your customers also can see if the Terminal is offline?

Michael Olbrich