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Support Request: display settings change


I cannot change the resolution in windows XP after installing SiteKiosk. Even when logged in as local or domain administrator I get permissions errors. My only resolution is to completely uninstall SiteKiosk, change the resolution and then reinstall.

Surely there must be a different way.

Geoffrey Straessley

Answer: (1)

Re: display settings change 7/16/2007 2:17 PM

SiteKiosk does not change any policy or other settings of other users than the restricted SiteKiosk user!!

Therefore it must have other reasons that you are not able to change the screen resolution.
Either you are not logged in to an administrative account or other Windows policy settings have been made.

You also have the possibility to activate the feature "Activate automatic resolution". If turned on, the screen resolution will be automatically changed when SiteKiosk starts up. (-->Display-->Monitor)

Michael Olbrich