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Support Request: BUG: Free surfing while credit card dialog is open


I have discovered tonight another serious bug that exists in all recent release versions of SiteKiosk.

When you are logged into a terminal with any amount of credit with the timer running (counting down your time), if you swipe a credit card and leave the credit card dialog open the timer will STOP counting down and you are allowed to use the kiosk for free! Any window that was open before the credit card was swiped is allowed to remain open, and you may also click and start anything you like for FREE.
A user could easily create an account with one dollar, swipe a card to freeze the timer, surf to their hearts desire, then close the credit card dialog when they are done and log off immediately only deducting mere seconds from their account. Doing this someone could use the kiosks for almost an unlimited amount of time with one single dollar!


1)Lock all windows when Credit Card Dialog is open

2)Lock mouse to Credit Card Dialog box when it is open

3)Keep timer running while the credit card dialog is open

PLEASE take some action immediately, word spreads fast about these sort of things, this hack is already a widespread problem for my kiosks.


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Re: BUG: Free surfing while credit card dialog is open 7/16/2007 11:59 AM

thank you for reporting us the issue. It was reproducible and I assigned it to our developer team.

They will validate this bug and will fix it for the next version of SiteKiosk.

Michael Olbrich
Re: BUG: Free surfing while credit card dialog is open 7/16/2007 8:09 PM
Every time I find a bug you guys say "will fix on next release". Well, this is NO MINOR BUG.... MY KIOSKS ARE ALL WORKING FOR FREE ALL DAY EVERY DAY! I need a fix to this faster than the next release, and since this is a long existent bug that you guys should have squashed LONG AGO I would expect that you would do better than "fix on the next release". What am I supposed to do, sit and let 45 kiosks work for free for a month while you guys tinker with the next release? This is absolutely ridiculous, you need to release a PATCH to fix this and release it SOON.....
Re: BUG: Free surfing while credit card dialog is open 7/17/2007 2:44 AM
Arun from the Chicago office came up with a solution for this problem very quickly today. I have updated my kiosks and so far so good, the timer keeps running while the credit card dialog box is open, solving the problem. WHEW!
Re: BUG: Free surfing while credit card dialog is open 7/17/2007 5:18 PM

a fix for this will be released with the next version of SiteKiosk. I am sorry; we do not release patches but only complete new builds.
This has technical as well as practical reasons. One's personal preferences may like or dislike this point of view. If a bug is minor unfortunately this means that those affected by it may have to wait a little longer.

If other customers are also affected by this bug; here is a workaround for this you can use until the new version will be released.

Download and unzip the file in the attachment you will find above at the "Status Information" box.

Please go to ...\Program Files\SiteKiosk\SiteCash\Html\CreditCard
Make a backup of the original file dialog.htm.
Replace the dialog.htm with the one you have downloaded.

This workaround has been tested with SiteKiosk 6.6.
It will keep the counter on at all times and close the dialog after 30secs.

Michael Olbrich
Re: BUG: Free surfing while credit card dialog is open 7/17/2007 8:42 PM
I must thank Arun for actually deciding to take this issue seriously and providing me the simple and not very time consuming fix for it.
I must also say that I find the way you guys deal with customers in the forum and your adversity to providing a patch or temporary fix for a problem very frustrating. You just said to me, "If a bug is minor unfortunately this means that those affected by it may have to wait a little longer. " after you told me I would have to wait for the next release to get this bug taken care of, which could be weeks, could be months, I know, I have waited for "the next release" in the past. Just prior to you telling me this I had explained how very serious this problem is, it was not a minor bug, my machines were working for absolutely free! Would you like to invest in 45 Kiosks and have them all working for free and not collecting any money? When I spoke to Arun he dealt with the problem properly, he immediately acknowledged that this was a very serious problem that should have been taken care of long ago and had a fix ready for me in less than 1/2 an hour. A far cry from what you told me here in this forum ("minor bug, wait for next release").
It seems to me that you guys view the support forum as a place to get feedback to aid you in the further development of you product, which is fine and dandy, but a support forum should provide some SUPPORT to the customer, not simply refer the customers feedback to the software developers to implement in a future release. If you are not going to provide support in the forum, similar to what Arun did when I called him about this serious problem, then perhaps you should shut down the support forum and have customers that need support contact Arun, and leave the forum for suggestions for improvements for future releases.
I take the time to make these comments today after my problem has been fixed to let you, Christoff, Heinz, Thorsten etc know that this is no way to handle customer support, and such public disregard for your customers need for support is a detriment to your business. Imagine a potential new customer reading my post that my kiosks are all being jimmy'd and used for free, and reading your reply to me saying it is a "minor bug" and you will "fix it on the next release" in some weeks to be determined. I would think that would be enough to at very least make a person think twice about choosing you as their software provider.
Don't get me wrong, I love your product, and I did extensive research before I decided to buy your product, I find it to be "best in class" consistently. However, the way you guys manage the support forum is endlessly frustrating and I think it does your reputation as a company more harm than good to have a public support forum in which you essentially refuse to provide support. I have attempted to get support in the forum about 1/2 dozen times and each and every time it has been the same... First, deny the problem as not reproducible, then acknowledge the problem after being explicitly detailed and reproduced, then the final word is always "developers notified, will be fixed on next release". Again, this is NOT support, this is feedback for product development! Trust me, it is never a good experience for a customer to go through what I just described, and it doesn't look good to potential customers to see this sort of "support", or lack there of, in your support forum...
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