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Support Request: How do we limit access on our kiosk?


We are currently using our kiosk for a customer survey. Our issue has been keeping the survey displayed for fans to take. The problem we have been experiencing is once the survey is completed, the fan then clicks around and gets access to another site, usually our company's website. We have no issue if this web access is normal. However, we are wondering if there is a way for us to set up our kiosk so either the survey is the only thing displayed or so the survey is easy to get back to in the event someone does access another site. It has been difficult to get back to the survey once another site is accessed. This has resulted in several occasions where the system freezes up, resulting in a need to continuously reboot the kiosk. Do you know of a solution to this problem?

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Re: How do we limit access on our kiosk? 7/17/2007 12:13 PM

to restricting the surfing area you can use the settings in the Surfing Area (-->Browser-->Surfing Area)

This means that you determine which Internet sites and which HTML pages stored on your local hard drive (file://) are accessible to the user. You can either allow OR deny access to certain pages or URLs.

More information you will find in the SiteKiosk help. Just press the help button in the configuration menu of the Surfing Area.

Michael Olbrich