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Support Request: Print Properties in Word 2003 genaerate Unauthorised Function Call


Want to allow use of the Print Properties to change printer options like colour/bw, duplex etc in Office 2003. From the IE window this works fine but
from the Word 2003 Print Dialog I get Unauthorised Function Call.

I have been thru the Faq's and kowledge base, in the Sitekiosk logs there is no reason for the Unauthorised Function Call message. I have tried
various setting in Windows and Dialogs but cannot get this to work.

Please can you help me get this working?

Config file, logs and screenshot attached.


Answer: (1)

Re: Print Properties in Word 2003 genaerate Unauthorised Function Call 7/17/2007 12:04 PM

"Unauthorized function call" will appear if you open a window which is (for security reasons) not allowed by the settings in "Windows & Dialogs Management" or you are using a feature which is not allowed through the settings in the SiteKiosk configuration.
E.g. If downloads are not allowed and someone tries to download something.

In this case the printing window of Word is not allowed for security reasons.
Because of the special print handling of Word it would be possible to print several copies for free.

e.g. If you print 5 pages with 3 copies only 5 pages would be charged.

If you want to allow this window, you will have to delete the entry “(Window title) Print – (Window class) bosa_sdm_Microsoft*” in Dialog Box and Windows Management.

Michael Olbrich