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Support Request: Printer cuts off edges


I use Windows XP Pro. When printing with Sitekiosk on the printer cuts of the right and left edges of the print. This happens both when I am browsing and when I am printing from a program (Incredimail). When I print with Sitekiosk turned off the printing is normal. I have used two different printers, HP Officejet 6110 and Samsung 3160FN. With the Samsung I have tried as a Network printer and as a USB connected printer.

Since this problem started I have reinstalled both Windows XP and Sitekiosk and sometimes it will print properly for a while but always goes back to cutting off the edges. Originally we thought the HP was incompatible so we bought the Samsung and it worked for a little while only. Now it also does the same thing. I have tried every setting and security level. It works fine as long as Sitekiosk is not turned on.

I would welcome any suggestions or help. We only have one Sitekiosk station with Sitecafe on the same machine. Printing and payment is with Microcoin QL.


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Re: Printer cuts off edges 7/17/2007 1:12 PM

which option did you setup in the SiteKiosk configuration?
“Print webpage as laid out on screen (without user interaction)” or “Automatically Print Largest Frame (without user interaction) (recommended)”

What happens if you start SiteKiosk in “RunOnce” mode? (Provided that the printing in the IE is correct)

As SiteKiosk is using the printing function of the Internet Explorer (MS Internet Explorer Web browser Control) SiteKiosk is just using the margin settings of the IE and this will work correctly.

Did you have a look to this support request?

You have to consider that the margin settings of the IE are user dependent.

Otherwise you should send a step by step guide to reproduce this issue.

As you wrote:
>> it will print properly for a while but always goes back to cutting off the edges.
SiteKiosk will not change any printer settings automatically!

Michael Olbrich
Re: Printer cuts off edges 7/25/2007 7:25 PM
Adjusting the margins for the Sitekiosk user has improved the situation.

Thank you