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Support Request: Surf Area Question


I am unable to suppress the blocked site notification for the "Submit" button on the URL: Even though I've made the entire site to be within the authorized search zone (*), the log indicates the link is outside the surf area.

Ron Johnson
Lead Systems Engineer
Workstation and Windows Server Administration
American Chemical Society - <>;
1155 16th Street NW, Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 202-872-4453 Fax 202 776 8240

Answer: (1)

Re: Surf Area Question 7/18/2007 6:08 PM

there are several circumstances which are leading to this problem.

1. Surf Area Message:

You have deleted the default entries in the “Surfing Area” and that is why the navigation error page of SiteKiosk could not be displayed. (…/Program Files/SiteKiosk/Skins/Public/Default/naverror.htm)

This is why you get this message in the Logfile of SiteKiosk:
According to the surf area rules the navigation to
file:///C:/Program Files/SiteKiosk/Skins/Public/Default/naverror.htm#500; was canceled.

You should leave (set back) the default settings and add your rules besides the default entries in the Surfing Area.

2. Why does the navigation error page appear?

Your server is misconfigured because on the requests the server first replies “500 Internal Server Error” but then the server sends its additional data.

Error 500 means:

If SiteKiosk gets the first server reply (Error 500) it doesn’t wait for the additional data (like the IE) but showing the navigation error page in … Program Files/SiteKiosk/Skins/Public/Default/naverror.htm.

You should configure your server correctly.

The second possibility is to deactivate the SiteKiosk navigation error page to use the default error pages of the IE.

If you do not want SiteKiosk to use this navigation error page but the default error pages instead manually open the SiteKiosk configuration with an editor and add
to the browserbar section between <browserbar> and </browserbar> in the SiteKiosk configuration file your are using.

Michael Olbrich