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Support Request: Downloads


1. We need to deploy 5 kiosks and would like to use 1 license that was purchased in Nov 2004 and then buy 4 additional licenses. How can I download the license that we already purchased?

2. We would like to evaluate SiteRemote. If we download a trial version and getting it running, is it possible to license the downloaded trial version without the need to reinstall or reconfigure?

Thanks folks.
Darlene Barney
County of Nevada, California 72413

Answer: (1)

Re: Downloads 7/19/2007 6:01 PM

for the first question please contact our sales department via e-mail: sales-europe(at)
As this is a public discussion board please don’t post any license information but contact us directly.

To your second question:
You will just receive a new licence key and you don’t need to reinstall SiteRemote after the trial period.

Michael Olbrich