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Support Request: LogMeIn aplication


Dear Sir

As I understand for me to use the LogMeIn aplication we should install and register each computer on the LogMeIn server. Then , each time each computer is on it should connect automaticaly to the LogMeIn server.

This work ok with the sitekiosk runing in secure mode?



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Re: LogMeIn aplication 7/21/2007 4:08 PM
I have 2 internet vending machines, working 7/24, permanently running Sitekiosk. I use Logmein free version, it works fantastically. Just go to Logmein home page :, download the version is more appropiate for your specific needs, follow instructions and you are done. I am absolutely ignorant about computers, software, hardware; however I could by myself download, install and run Logmein, it is very simple. In case of questions they have very good technical support.
Re: LogMeIn aplication 7/21/2007 5:09 PM
But we should download LogMeIn in each computer; correct?
My issue is; - To work LogMeIn should be maintained active on the Client Computer. This is not afected by the Sitekiosk working in Shell mode under the secured account?
Re: LogMeIn aplication 7/21/2007 7:37 PM
Yes, You must to install in each one of your "remote" computers the necessary information, so you can access each one of your "remote" computers from anyother "local" computer in the planet. Logmein software is transparent, compatible with Sitekiosk. It lets you even to change Sitekiosk settings remotely, see and transfer sales reports, etc. I tested and use it because recommendation of other Sitekiosk users.

You need to install anything in the "local" computer to remote control yours "remote" computers. To see and control your "remote" computers; in the "local" computer you only have to enter in "", log in using your username and password, and you are sitting right in front of your computers redy to work with each one of them.

My own experience: I have 2 internet vending machines working with no attendant in the main aisle of a huge mall. Twice a day, early in the morning and late in the night (local time) I revise both machines, see reports, update settings, clean/defragment the hard disk, etc; using logmein, no problem. No matter if I do this from the sea cruiser, hotel, cafe internet, my home, office, South America, dialup, DSl.

Good luk.
Re: LogMeIn aplication 7/21/2007 8:11 PM
Just a last question.
Did you install this under your administration account or under your secure sitekiosk account?
Re: LogMeIn aplication 7/21/2007 11:42 PM
On your "remote" computer logoff/close Sitekiosk, from Windows desktop launch internet explorer, open:

I belive the free version is all you need, at least download it for testing, after you decide if need something more.

To download the program you need to open an account, use same user name and password for all computers you want to have in your account. Give to each computer a specific name: P.E. California1, Losangeles6, Amarillo5, etc.

All this information goes to Logmein server under your account, username and password. Good practice for username and password make your account and information safest.

Download and save logmein free version to each one of the computer hard drive, in Windows, programs. By the time you download Logmein your information is saved to Logmein server and will be ready to respond as soon you open your account from the local computer.

Once downloaded and installed logmein, come back to Sitekiosk, open sitekiosk and get your remote computer ready for normal work.
under the protection of Sitekiosk.

Logmein is installed and runs on Windows, programs. Completely independent of Sitekiosk.

Once downladed and installed logmein on all your remote computers, go to any other computer on the earth, or one of your computers in your account, open, enter your username and password, logon. You must see a list of the computers in your account, click on one of them to contact and control it remotely from your local computer. Do the same for each one of your remote computers in you account.

Remotely you can close, open, configure Sitekiosk; restart your computer clean, defragment the hard disc, reset windows, etc.

In your account you can include as many computers as you want inclusive yours friends and cooworkers computers to share information, files, tasks.

Good luck
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