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Support Request: Internet connection status monitor ?


Hi Guys,

Have a few questions regarding the Internet connection status monitor...

1) .. How can i incorperate a script into my Html Startpageso that I can show the status of the connection on/offline......

eg... Id like to get a Gif image tochanges depending on the connection status.... I looked at the help files but they were no help...

2) Is it possible to tracking of multiple IP address's or website's when the system is pinging to the outside world.....

The reason i ask is that "google' or what iver website that im pinging could possibly go down and this would then render my kiosks useless even though a connection still exists .. The system really needs to pings mulitple websites for a true indication of connection status....

3) When the internet connection is detected as being down the system disables the coin mech ... What happens when people still want to use the kiosk for 'Word" or to play games ?? The kiosk is esentially a brick while the connection is down ?

Cheers Russ.....

Answer: (3)

Re: Internet connection status monitor ? 7/24/2007 2:10 PM

1) You should use the CheckInternetConnection Method of the SiteKiosk Object Model. More information you will find in the SiteKiosk Object Model help.

2) No, this isn’t possible.

3) As the user has available balance he can continue using the programs without internet connection but he can’t use the payment devices.

Another possibility is to deactivate the “Check Internet connection” feature but then it might be that customers are concerned about that they have paid without getting an Internet connection.

Michael Olbrich
Re: Internet connection status monitor ? 7/25/2007 2:19 PM
Hi , thanks for the quick reply back...

Re : Question 1) Thanks, i must of missed that script command, ill have a further look at it and will get back to you if i have any problems..

Re : Question 2) oh ok , .. Will you be changing this in later releases at all . .?

Re : Question 3) So essentially this feature is redundant for Sitecash users and i should just turn it off..... ?

Cheers Russ....
Re: Internet connection status monitor ? 7/25/2007 5:16 PM

the tracking of multiple IP address's or website's will not be added to this feature. But as e.g. does not work with one server but a range of servers Google never should be down.

The integrated Internet Connection Feature you can setup in the SiteKiosk configuration is only to disable SiteCash devices if the Internet connection gets lost.

Other functionalities can realize by script with the CheckInternetConnection Method of the SiteKiosk Object Model.

Michael Olbrich