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Support Request: Unable to pass through Proxy server.


I have installed Site kiosk, but am having problems getting software to pass through our proxy server, I have logged on to Windows with the site kiosk windows account, and entered the proxy settings in the LAN Settings in internet options, and from sitekiosk > Plus / Payment Bundle > Content Filter > Advanced > Proxy Server, entered some domain logon detail, but it still won't pass through the proxy.
This is driving mind.

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Re: Unable to pass through Proxy server. 7/24/2007 3:18 PM

as SiteKiosk is using the proxy settings of the Internet Explorer:

- Does it work in the IE?
- Does SiteKiosk connect in “RunOnce” Mode?
- Did you enter the proxy explicitly? (Don't use automatic scripts as they won’t work with SiteKiosk.)

Here is a FAQ regarding proxy settings:

More information you also find in the SiteKiosk help (Management-->Internet Connection & Plus- / Payment Bundle -->Content Filter Site Coach-->SiteCoach Advanced)

Michael Olbrich