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Support Request: SiteKiosk & EMP800 USB Coin Acceptor



We have recently been upgrading our kiosks to Payment bundle and using the USB coin acceptor EMP800. On a number of kiosks we have been experiencing coins dropping through without registering credit and also coins simply being rejected.

All of the computers involved are new Dell Dimension 3100's or C521's with a good specification. The problems seem to arise when the computers have had lots of use - we're talking about 6 - 10 hours use a day.

Do you have any idea how we can improve the reliability of this coin acceptor system. We've been thinking possibly of scheduling lots more computer reboots and have tried to schedule this from within SiteKiosk - although if someone is using the kiosk at the time they lose their credit!

Has this problem been reported before and can you recommend any solutions?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: SiteKiosk & EMP800 USB Coin Acceptor 7/24/2007 5:51 PM

the EMP800 is one of the more reliable devices and the coin checker doesn’t accept coins if it is not installed correctly or if the EMP can’t communicate correctly with SiteKiosk.

Therefore it would be uncommonly if a range of EMP800 has a hardware problem in the same manner.

Eventually there is a problem with the power supply via USB?
Does the problem also appear if you connect an extra power supply unit to the EMP?

Do you have any other special hardware environment at these systems? If you e.g. using a USB cable that is longer usual you need also a additional power supply.

Michael Olbrich
Re: SiteKiosk & EMP800 USB Coin Acceptor 7/24/2007 10:45 PM

i have reported this bug also, been talking with WH Berlin engineers and sitekiosk managers at the kiosexpo in Essen this year, no one could give me an reliable solution, i was using the same combination as you. wh berlin said that the problem could be that the coinchecker demands too much power from the usb port, when the power supply is felling short, the coin can fall through but it doesn't register the coin, they said i should use a ac power adapter, so i did, but the problem was still occuring. i tried the coinchecker of phoenix mecano, the one with cctalk interface, and now the problem is solved, so i think the problem is with the coinchecker of wh berlin, the EMP800 is not reliable in my eyes.

the coinchecker of phoenix mecano costs less also, 85 euros, the emp cost twice as much, 190 euro approximately. i recommend phoenix mecano, from now on i will be buying the coinchecker with cctalk.

i checked the power usage of the emp in gerate manager, the emp uses the full 500mw, even with ac adapter, the coinchecker IMP100 of phoenix uses something about 100mw i think, so it needs less power and works better.

hope this was usefull to you.

Re: SiteKiosk & EMP800 USB Coin Acceptor 7/29/2007 5:45 PM
Thanks for your input Ufuk. Up till now we've had no problems whatsoever with the EMP800. This weekend we've had loads more problems with just two of our sites and have installed the separate power supplies. Hopefully this will make a difference. We've also re-installed windows and sitekiosk at all of the affected sites. Basically, if we're still having problems then I'm suspecting something wrong with the batch of EMP800's that we bought.
Re: SiteKiosk & EMP800 USB Coin Acceptor 7/31/2007 1:50 AM

In my case i had problem with 3 EMP's on 3 different computers, so i excluded the option that the problem would be with 1 EMP or 1 computer. Since almost 2 months now, i'm using the IMP10 S200 coinchecker with cctalk interface without any of the above mentioned problems.

faulty batch or not, from now on i'm not using them anymore. The EMP 800 doesn't come with a ac adapter included when you buy it, you have to obtain it seperatly. The IMP10 comes standard with a powersupply with a molex connector, this means i don't need another outlet in the kiosk case, i just connect the molex connector to one of the extensions inside the computer case, the power extentions that come from the power supply of the computer, which we normally use for the hard drive or the cd rom drive. There is always one free of those, so there is no power supply problem too.

anyway, hope you're helped with the info

see ya

Re: SiteKiosk & EMP800 USB Coin Acceptor 8/28/2007 10:10 AM

Thought I would post an update of how are problems with the EMP800 were resolved.

For one of our sites, the EMP800 was connected to a Dell Dimension 3100 using a 5 metre USB active repeater cable. This worked fine for a few weeks until the kiosk started getting lots of use and the surrounding area got hotter - the kiosks are located in a very busy bar/nightclub. Also the daytime temperature here is over 30 degrees. Installation of the external power supplies for EMP800 has so far cured the problem. We suspect as the computer got hotter it was possibly unable to provide enough power via the usb port (especially over the 5m repeater cable).

We also had problems at another site where the computer itself (Dell C521) is located in a secure box. The EMP800 is connected directly to the PC without any USB extension cable. These kiosks were extremely unreliable and crashed regularly, also coins would not be recognised or simply drop through without registering credit on lots of occasions. For this site we installed the additional power supplies and it made no difference at all. We then installed additional vents and cooling fans into the wooden enclosures and this has cured the problem completely.

For all of my next installations I will always install the optional power supply for the EMP800 if I am using any USB extension cables. Also, do everything you can to ensure the PC is as cool as possible!