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Support Request: Log off user and deactivate start settings Option


On some of my Kiosks when I enter admin options pressing Escape...and select the Log off user and deactivate start settings Option
I get redirected to the windows xp logon page... Where I have 2 users Provisio and a personal one for admin purposes.

The problem is that I click on a user the blank text box apears to enter the password...But the flashing cursor does not appear and no text or
password can be typed...the only option is a reeboot and this is quite anoying!

It just happened once more on a fresh installed Kiosk...Any ideas? Could it be the keyboard is not correctly activated again By sitekiosk?

Any onther end users experiencing this "Bug"?????


Answer: (1)

Re: Log off user and deactivate start settings Option 7/26/2007 10:24 AM

this is not a SiteKiosk bug but a Windows related problem.

As the keyboard works generally you should press 2xCTRL-ALT-DEL. This allows using the traditional login.

For more information you can search at Google or the Microsoft Discussion Groups

e.g. Microsoft: Login: unable to type password at welcome screen

Michael Olbrich