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Support Request: Do not restart application


We have an application that is launch and sends labels to a printer, the jobs normally take very long and while that is happening we are displaying a status screen.

Our problen is that after x number of minutes the sitekiosk programs cancel it and start the application again we found a field that was set up to 5 minutes and we changed it to 24 hours however we still need to be able to cancel this feature, we tried putting zero but it did not worked.

How can we cancel this feature in SiteKiosk 6.5?

Thank You

Mario Lozano

Answer: (1)

Re: Do not restart application 7/26/2007 11:38 AM

did you add your application to the list of external applications in the SiteKiosk configuration?

If you did, SiteKiosk will close this application and also the other applications added to the SiteKiosk configuration, if the screen saver of SiteKiosk comes up (or the SiteCash session ends) .

You have the possibilities to enlarge the time until the the SiteKiosk screensaver comes up (Display-->Screensaver--> Idle time before activating slideshow mode) or to remove your application from the SiteKiosk configuration. (Management-->Applications)

Or did you change the time at -->Management-->Maintenance-->Automatic Process Restart?

Another case could be that the “Windows & Dialogs Management” does close the window.

More information about these features you will find in the SiteKiosk help. Just click the help button in the lower right corner in the SiteKiosk configuration. This button is available on nearly all of the pages in the configuration and the start menu and links you to the page of the help file that deals with the exact settings of that page.

Michael Olbrich