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Support Request: Using Log Me In


I have instaled the logmein in some of our sitekiosk working kiosks, but something strange hapen.

After we instaled and activated the LogMeIn on each computer we started the Sitekiosk in autostart mode. The strange thing is that the computer almost at the end of the reboot process (before initialize the sitekiosk aplication ) stoped. The screen remain black and nothing hapen.

How can I solve this?



Answer: (1)

Re: Using Log Me In 7/27/2007 9:40 AM

what else did you change than installing LogMeIn?

As regarding your description SiteKiosk has worked properly before you installed LogMeIn and the last thing you did was installing LogMeIn this more seems to be a problem of LogMeIn.

But generally there is no known problem regarding LogMeIn and SiteKiosk.

Additional note:
I don’t know if this has something to do with your problem but I noticed you are using a BETA Version of SiteKiosk (6.5.102). The first thing you should make an update to a release version of SiteKiosk.

Michael Olbrich