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Support Request: Security and Credit Card processing


We're currently using Sitekiosk just for email signups but are investigating using it for donation processing. However, our IT department is very strict with security and have concerns about processing these over the network through the kiosk. What information can you provide about the security available with the credit card processing module?


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Re: Security and Credit Card processing 7/30/2007 5:07 PM
A donation kiosk is a nice idea to use the sitekiosk object model and payment features. We already thought about building a skin for donation kiosks.

The credit card processing is not done by SiteKiosk itself. The software uses Credit Card Gateways (like or for the processing. These Gateways are also used by thousands of online shops world wide. Its the same technic and same (SSL encrypted) communication.

SiteKiosk does not store or track any credit card information of your customers. So even if someone would be able to hack the system (which is not possible if you use the sitekiosk restricted user account) he/she will not able to get any information.

So credit card processing with SK is very secure as long as the gateway is secure. In addition you can check the webpages of the credit card gateway you plan to use and inform yourself about their security concept.

Sitekiosk offers CC processing since 1999 and we did never hear about problems nor did we get complains regarding the security.