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Support Request: Launch application minimized on startup?


I need to have an application launch on startup, but be minimized or hidden. I've tried turning off the SiteKiosk Limited user's security, logging in, creating a shortcut that specifies "run minimized", and then adding it to the Startup directory. When I logout and login again, the application runs. However, when I reenable the security, the application doesn't run.

How can I do this?

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Re: Launch application minimized on startup? 7/31/2007 10:01 AM

to autostart an application at user login please read the following FAQ article:

FAQ Autostart of an application at Windows logon:

As SiteKiosk has no influence how your application will be started and how it appears you have to look at the options of you application to start it minimized.
There might be an option like “myappl.exe –minimized”?

Michael Olbrich