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Support Request: Closing of Apps on logout


Hi Guys, since installing the new version of SK ive noticed that around 30% of the external applications on my internet Kiosk's which previously had no problems in closing and shuting down after a user's time had run out now dont close properly and still remain active after a users session has finished..

It was rather embarrasing as i had just installed a new kiosk onsite the other day using the new SK version and not long after I recieved a complaint from the hotel claiming that someone else had been using their guest's MSN messenger account and had abused the other people in the guests contact list..

Luckliy ive managed to make up a temporary work around for this issue by excuting a BAT file on logout which shuts down all running apps but I was just curious as to if anyone else has been experiencing the same problems...

Apps that i know of that SK wont shut down are..

MSM messenger

YAhoo Messenger

AOL Messenger


Open Office...

Answer: (4)

Re: Closing of Apps on logout 7/31/2007 5:28 PM

this is a known issue in SiteKiosk version 6.6.194:

Programs that could not be ended by closing the window were sometimes not ended properly at the end of the session.

Please make an update to the latest version SiteKiosk 6.6.204.

Michael Olbrich
Re: Closing of Apps on logout 8/7/2007 1:53 PM
i have installed the new version but the openoffice doesnt close!
Anyone is having this problem?
Re: Closing of Apps on logout 8/7/2007 2:00 PM
Hi there,

Do you have the "soffice.bin" file included in your list of other associated open office files to close in the SK config ?

Cheers Russ...
Re: Closing of Apps on logout 8/7/2007 2:54 PM

if you need help how to do this please have a look to the SiteKiosk help or to this FAQ:

Michael Olbrich