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Support Request: impossible to stop SiteKiosk


When I do CTRL-ALT-F8 the logout page come as picture attached (DSCN0206.JPG) and I can do nothing... I can use anymore my machine !
Can you help me ?
Kind regards.
S. Robert
+41 21 693 50 37

Answer: (1)

Re: impossible to stop SiteKiosk 7/31/2007 5:43 PM

which skin are you using and (as there was no release 6.1.1) which SiteKiosk version.
Seemingly you are using a skin that is not valid for your SiteKiosk version or your skin files are broken.

What did you change since SiteKiosk has worked properly?

If you have choose the "Autostart" mode and need help to close SiteKiosk please refer to this FAQ:

Michael Olbrich