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SiteCafe Manager 1.5 including Database

File name: (System requirements) sitecafe1.5.exe
Version: (Version History) 1.5
EULA: End User License Agreement
Release date: Friday, December 01, 2006
Language: English , German, French, Spanish and Russian
File size: 30.20 MB
Uninstall information: How to remove "SiteCafe Manager 1.5 including Database" after installation.
Download Please click on Download for starting the download.
SiteCafe is a free addition to SiteKiosk Pay. Using SiteCafe, administrators can unlock computers for use from one central workstation, as well as create and manage user accounts and prepaid PIN codes.
SiteCafe includes the free Microsoft MSDE database. Users who already have the MSDE installed or terminals with Windows 98 should install the SiteCafe version without the database: SiteCafe without MSDE.