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River Jacek Bator sj

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River Jacek Bator S. J. – Company Profile

The Beginning

River company was established in 1988. Initial concentration on computer hardware market and positioning ourselves in role of dedicated distributor providing added value. We were fully engaged in activities aimed at increasing the market share of the products we have distributed. For every product line, River created an added value, which included not only pure marketing elements, but also high quality technical support.


This policy has been so successfully implemented by River in the past 16 years that we have become the major player in a number of spectacular market successes. We boosted OKI to become number one supplier of dot matrix printers in Poland, relegating worldwide leader Epson to number 2. Our efforts and perfect cooperation with a manufacturer, lead Samsung to position number 1 as the monitor supplier. In 1999 Canon was number 2 supplier of ink jet printers, its ever best result on the Polish market, when River was biggest Canon distributor.

With an annual turnover of 10 Million USD, River has become permanently established among the top 30 hardware distributors in Poland.

Distribution and Service Network

Our distribution network covers the entire country and includes around 2000 satisfied and loyal dealers. Knowing their business profiles helps us to determine the best way of promoting the new product line into the market.

This knowledge is being systematically updated and used also to secure the transactions from the financial point of view – despite a generally tough financial situation on the market we have managed to keep bad debts to an extremely low level.

We are able to support marketing activities with high quality technical support. Thanks to a group of dedicated, experienced technicians we can organize seminars, trainings, and also repair products we sell. This potential has been recognized by CANON and a guaranty service agreement has been signed. A network of 12 associated dealers around the country working under the same logo GLOBER SERWIS (owned by River) helps us to offer these services.

Multimedia Kiosks

Technical expertise and market knowledge are extremely important for our most recent and becoming more important activity - designing and manufacturing the multimedia information kiosks and photo kiosks. We started this activity over 4 years ago and nowadays we have a portfolio of high quality products at affordable prices and established cooperation with many remarkable companies and institutions. Our offer includes universal information kiosks in outdoor and indoor versions, vandal resistant kiosks, photo kiosks and photo terminals. For 24/7 public access kiosks we have designed a watchdog module, which secures their continuous flawless operation.

Our team of experienced technicians, industrial designers and software developers can take complete and professional care of any specific multimedia kiosk project.

Nowadays, in Poland River is undisputed leader on field of photo kiosks, leaving all others competitors far behind. Regarding information kiosks our sells increased very much this year as we have won several important contracts. This way River information kiosks are well recognized too. Furthermore, we are also very successful selling kiosks abroad.
River kiosks have been installed in over 20 different countries around the World, some of
them quite remote like Australia, South Africa, Argentina, and

During last few years, River has been participating in many exhibitions: Cologne Photokina 2004, 2006, Las Vegas PMA 2004, Orlando PMA2005, Birmingham Focus on Imaging 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, Barcelona Sonimagfoto 2003 and Lodz Film Video Foto 2003, 2004, 2005,2006, 2007. Of course, River distributors have been participating in many exhibitions themselves, showing River products on their local markets.

From the beginning, we aimed on building completely self-service kiosks, which
would be a real help in sells. That is why we really care about kiosk’s design which would welcome customer’s to approach them. Then usage of kiosks is easy and comfortable usually through touch screen, it’s work very reliable and easy maintenance is an additional important feature. In diPhoto software big icons and audio prompts, also help very much to increase sells and obtain new customers.
As kiosk’s market develops dramatically quickly, we also develop our
kiosks constantly. We work all the time on new kiosk’s models and different kiosk’s functionalities, according to our customer’s requirements. Possibility of kiosk’s customization and implementing individual configuration, following customer’s needs, makes River offer very unique on the market.

Software Department

Established in 1991 consists of 30 specialists with experience in: software design, programming, testing, selling, implementing and servicing.

The main software product in our offer is called Aktyn. Targeted for small and medium companies it facilitates all daily business activities including, purchases, stock management, sales, accounting, payroll and human resources, simple manufacturing. 1000 companies (3000 installations) in Poland are currently using it.

In 2003, in cooperation with our photo kiosk team, we have developed software called diPhoto. Designed for ‘computer challenged’ people, operated by touch screen interface, with intuitive, graphically attractive interface, diPhoto is positively evaluated by users. DiPhoto enables connectivity from a photo kiosk or a photo terminal to any digital Minilab or Dye-sublimation printer. Nowadays it operates in 23 languages (in a meaning of screen
commands and audio prompts).

River – the Company

Our business partners, both suppliers and customers, perceive River as an efficient and reliable supplier of products and services. This is a result of years of efforts undertaken by our team of young experienced professionals. They are highly qualified, combining a responsibility for individual tasks with necessity of working as a team, they know the market and can quickly adapt to its rapidly changing requirements.


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