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Soporte de pedidos: Browser not active window after boot


We use SiteKiosk on touch displays for displaying a webpage for registration of times upon arrival and going off-duty for employees.
The page uses a scanner module, build-into the display, for inputting employee's ID to a text field.

Our problem is that after a fresh start-up; SiteKiosk does not set the browser (standard SiteKiosk chromium) as a the "active" window. The scanner then cannot input data to a textfield required for time registrations.

Tapping the page "activates" it and then data input works.
This is a huge problem as the device will need to be able to reboot automatically and be ready for scan input without human interaction.

I see 2 possible solutions:
1. A setting or configuration i may have overlooked or is hidden in the config files that just need to be changed.
2. A script to set the selected window after a SiteKiosk launch.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Browser not active window after boot 07/11/2018 14:39

In regards to your description it seems to be a timing issue. When SiteKiosk starts also the skin will load in the background (even when using full screen mode).

It generally works that the focus is on the input filed (you can e.g. check with the Google search page) but the focus is may set to early on the input field with the start page you configured (unfortunately I cannot test it because the page is not available from here).

There is not setting for this in SiteKiosk but you can check if switching to Metro IE Skin works better (even as you use fullscreen mode the user will not see any difference). The Metro IE Skin uses the IE Webbrowser Control of Windows and usually starts faster.

Otherwise the only possibility would be setting the focus back to the web page with a little delay. This is possible with adding corresponding code to the web page or with using an external script you create with SiteKiosk Object Model code.
Also see “6. Execute script file“:
SiteKiosk Object Model help:

For the script you may look at
AddDelayedEvent Method:

WindowList Object

SiteKioskWindow Object

Here an example without further support but that generally worked when testing it with this URL

SiteKiosk.Scheduler.AddDelayedEvent(2000, FocusOnMainWindow);

function FocusOnMainWindow(eventID){

Just copy & paste the lines to an editor and save it as JS file (e.g. setFocus.js) to “…\SiteKiosk\Html”.
Then add the file at “-->Start Page & Browser-->Advanced--> Execute script file” to the SiteKiosk configuration.

Michael Olbrich