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Soporte de pedidos: Android Abnormal Sitekiosk Program termination


Good afternoon, I have an android Kiosk running with only SiteCaster an no other configuration. My server keeps telling me that an error ocurred "Abnormal SiteKiosk Program Termination" and the system resets. The Kiosk resets more or less 10 times per day. How can I solve this?

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Re: Android Abnormal Sitekiosk Program termination 12/06/2019 18:57
What do you see on the screen when this occurs? This log entry means that SiteKiosk was not shut down normally. One example is if a visitor uses the power button to restart the machine. Do users have access to the power button or power source? Please see the following FAQ regarding the Abnormal termination for more information about this log entry:
Re: Android Abnormal Sitekiosk Program termination 11/11/2019 23:29
I am having the same issue with my newly installed sitekiosk on android. When this occurs it is while a user is interacting with a popup website, the entire kiosk screen goes black with a circle rotating in the middle (as if it is refreshing). Screen comes back up to homepage, I get an email with "Client Error Occurred "abnormal sitekiosk termination". There was no loss of power to the machine. What can we do about this issue?
Re: Android Abnormal Sitekiosk Program termination 12/11/2019 15:37
What do you see in your log file when this occurs? What is your Android version? What is your SiteKiosk version? Does this issue occur on other web sites? If not, can you provide a link and the steps to replicate the issue?
Re: Android Abnormal Sitekiosk Program termination 12/11/2019 17:53
I provided all of this information by opening a new Support Request Ticket and included my configuration file and my log file. I got an email saying that comments were made on that thread although I don't see any when I view it.