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I'm trying to run this content locally (offline) on an Android tablet in "Fullscreen Browser" mode but it never loads. Can you help?

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Re: FlippingBook 18/06/2019 13:23

on my test Tablet with Android 7 and SiteKiosk 2.9.8143 the page is displayed correctly in “Browser” and “Fullscreen Browser” of SiteKiosk.

Which Android version do you use?
Does the page work in the pre-installed Browser of the Android device?

By default the Site Kiosk Browser on Android does use the so-called WebView Framework that is based on the pre-installed browser of Android.
So the result with “Standard Browser” in SiteKiosk depends on the Android version with the integrated system browser.

These are the browser engine versions used by WebView on Android:
- Android 4.4 --> Chromium Engine 30/33 (Updates with operating system)
- Android 5+ --> Chromium Engine 36+ (Updates via Play Store - Android System Webview)
- Android 7+ --> Chromium Engine 51+ (Updates via Play Store - Chrome)

Michael Olbrich
Re: FlippingBook 18/06/2019 16:33
Android System Webview (chrome version 74)

if i use a link direct to web works. dont work when i try to run locally.

Re: FlippingBook 19/06/2019 8:53

I have just tested the link as start page URL and it worked.

In case you use a local link with file:// protocol you need to delete the corresponding entry at “-->Application-->Browser/Fullscreen Browser-->Settings-->Surfing Area-->Blocked URLs-->Settings” which blocks it by default.
Also test that this works in the pre-installed Browser on the Android device.

Otherwise please send a detailed description about what you mean with “when i try to run locally” and what information is given in the SiteKiosk log at that particular time via e-mail to support-europe(at)

Michael Olbrich