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Soporte de pedidos: send an address to validate for SiteCoach



We have found a site that isn't blocked by SiteCoach, we think that's because it's clever made - texts aren't expressing what You can see and there are some harmfull content.
The link to the category is:
Other categories are ok.

I know I can update every machine by my self but it would be good to update whole database on Your server.

Is there any email address of form to send website addreses for verification?

Best Regards

Respuesta: (2)

Re: send an address to validate for SiteCoach 16/07/2007 15:48

thank you for this information. We have checked the URL and added it to the SiteKiosk content filter now.

Please consider that the updates from our database to the terminals could take 4 to 6 weeks.

(As you seemingly know)
If you want to disallow the URL directly, just add it as denied URL to the Surfing Area in the SiteKiosk configuration.

Michael Olbrich
Re: send an address to validate for SiteCoach 16/07/2007 15:50
You can post your inquiries here or send an e-mail to support-europe(at)