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Soporte de pedidos: Get system Screenshot


How to capture system screenshot... since by default there is no job template availabe for getting screenshot in Sitekiosk Version 6.2.51 and we are using SiteRemote Personal Edition Server

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Re: Get system Screenshot 25/07/2007 11:29

for this feature you need at least SiteKiosk 6.5 AND SiteRemote Server 2.

At SiteRemote 2 is already running and you can test this feature.
Create a new job with the action type “Create Screenshot” or press the screenshot refresh button at the machine overview.

Feature list: (-->Monitoring-->Screenshot)


If you want to get an installable version of SiteRemote 2 you have to contact us here:

But please consider that SiteRemote 2 is not finally released yet. We advise to only use it for testing purposes.

Michael Olbrich
Re: Get system Screenshot 25/05/2015 12:05
the screenshot is saved on local machine first, to send to server, I guess. All works fine for me in windows or running without shell, but using shell error is returned: "Screenshot (1 of 1): The system cannot find the file specified". Is it problem with some directory rights or security settings?
Using Win 7 Pro with SK 8.8 and Site Remote 5.1,
thanks for help,
Re: Get system Screenshot 26/05/2015 10:10
yes, that can be related to rights and security settings. By default the screenshot is made using the System user, which the SiteRemote Client service runs under. This user usually has all the required rights. Make sure to not edit the service to use another user and also make sure to not restrict the System user on your PC.

You might also check if you have enough disk space or if another application, e.g. an antivirus program, might interfere.