Vacaciones de Navidad de la empresa
Desde el 21 de Diciembre 2015 hasta el 3 de enero 2016, nuestra oficina en Münster trabaja con un equipo mínimo. Soporte limitado está disponible durante este período.
Deseamos a ustedes y sus familas Feliz Navidad y un próspero año nuevo.

Infotheek Groep B.V.

Tel.: +31-(0)71-8001421
Fax.: +31-(0)71-8001406
Official SiteKiosk Reseller


Infotheek has over 220 employees and is growing steadily every year. Customers throughout the whole of the Netherlands
depend on us. From government bodies to SMEs, from healthcare organizations to large corporations.

However, our success within the highly competitive ICT sector did not just happen overnight. We provide our customers with
a per fect combination of ICT cost savings plus top quality and high-level ser vice. It is a formula that is proving very successful.

How we can help you save money?
We purchase large quantity of overstock from leading-brand manufacturers. This provides a double benef it. Firstly, you can profit from high-grade equipment at affordable prices combined with a factor y warranty as you would receive on any newly purchased product. Secondly, your hardware is available for longer so that you can standardize and generate even greater savings. We can also supply the latest state-of-the-ar t technology.

How we can help you?
We cannot do your work for you, but our ser vices are vir tually limitless. We can sell, lease and deliver equipment within 24 hours. We can carry out any installation work – in phases, if so required. We can manage your systems for you based on a customized or off-the-shelf administration package. Infotheek even purchases old IT equipment from companies in the process of renewing their infrastructure. In shor t, we can relieve you of any unnecessary burdens and let you concentrate on your core business.

You can always contact the right person immediately without being put on hold or being put through to countless extensions.
You get a direct number for your permanent contact person for friendly, fast and professional ser vice. You can benef it from
the exper tise and experience of a large organization that has retained the levels of service and flexibility you would expect of a small company.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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Sistemas completos
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Kiosko de la ciudad
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TFT (publicidad) sistemas de representación
Monitores con pantalla táctil
Impresoras especiales
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