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Desde el 21 de Diciembre 2015 hasta el 3 de enero 2016, nuestra oficina en Münster trabaja con un equipo mínimo. Soporte limitado está disponible durante este período.
Deseamos a ustedes y sus familas Feliz Navidad y un próspero año nuevo.

Euro V.A.L. d.o.o.

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EURO-V.A.L. d.o.o. was founded in 1991. and it is 100% in private ownership. Euroval has grown into a company with cutting-edge technology production lines for the production, replication (production) and miniCD duplication, CD, DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10 and Blu-ray media (
Since the end of the last millennium, we have witnessed the rapid growth of technological standards, especially in the field of information technology and consumer electronics. This growth was due to the many changes that have completely changed the direction of the market, especially visible in the field of audio-video equipment and supporting facilities.
Past five years EURO-V.A.L. expands the range of services on video production in their own studios with Panasonic HD technology, and post-production.
Already at the start of crystallized into one of the leading companies in Croatia in the field of production and supply of audio-video equipment and supporting facilities of the amateur, professional to broadcast level. EURO-V.A.L. offers a wide range of services, video production, shooting commercials and music videos, editing, synchronization, subtitling, premastering CDs and DVDs, etc. There are also recording studios in size from 100 to 900 sqm, equipped with the latest technology, high-definition (HD cameras, HD mixer, LED lighting, cranes, etc.).

EURO-V.A.L. a longtime exclusive representative Panasonic Broadcast, AJA Video Systems, Panther Broadcast, Glidecam, Libec, Sennheiser, MAXEL, NewTek and some other renowned manufacturers of video and audio equipment. Sale offers video and audio equipment, fully equipping studios and other facilities necessary video and audio equipment, training and technical support.

Some of the projects on which he collaborated EURO-V.AL. are: Diary of a winner - a documentary about Janica Kostelic, who won the annual award for a sports documentary, Mammoth, Operation Cayman, My 3 wall Jazzerela (HD recording and transmission technology). Currently working intensively on several television projects, some of which are entering their third year of broadcasting on national television (Zaba 90 seconds) and ensure the continued growth and development of the company on the Croatian market and the region.

New releases of the Panasonic 3D technology (3D cameras, 3D mixers, 3D Plasma) where Panasonic stands as the world's leading manufacturer. Also, EURO-V.A.L. spreads on Internet business within which implemented the new web shop which is accessed through their home pages of or


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Presentations in XXL format. Combining special displays with narrow bezel allows content to be displayed extremely large. The displays can either be controlled separately or combined to form one large screen.
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