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Desde el 21 de Diciembre 2015 hasta el 3 de enero 2016, nuestra oficina en Münster trabaja con un equipo mínimo. Soporte limitado está disponible durante este período.
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Official SiteKiosk Reseller


OMC Systems develops custom software and security solutions for various industries, including corporate security, healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, risk management and more.

OMC Systems has products that help clients track and manage incidents, inventory, and staff. We offer flexible pricing models and complete turn-key implementation services.

We also offer specialized products and services such as POS/Kiosk solutions, computer forensics, risk assessments, anti-fraud solutions, and computer security consulting.


Sistemas completos Componentes de Hardware Software Servicios
Sistemas completos
Terminal de pantalla táctil
Terminal de mesa
Terminal de pared
Auto Check-In/Out kiosko
Kiosko de Internet
Self-servicio de empleados
Monitores con pantalla táctil
Impresoras especiales
Sistema POS
SiteKiosk kiosk software (Windows)
SiteCafe software
SiteRemote software de gestión
Software de grabación de horario
Software de control de acceso
Sistema operativo Windows
Management del proyecto
Alquiler del terminal
Control de contenido
Diseño del interface del usuario HTML
Sitio de adquisición
Instalación en-sitio
Mantenimiento en-sitio
Servicio de limpieza en-sitio
Servicio de reparaciones en-sitio
Disposición de monedas en-sitio
Monitoreo remoto


SiteKiosk safeguards each machine as soon as it boots up against any manipulation and ensures that the machine will run without a hitch 24/7. BIOS settings can be used to automatically switch the computer in the morning. You can leave the rest to SiteKiosk as it can shut down the machine at any time in the evening or at night. Installing additional virus protection software is not necessary. You can use SiteRemote to conveniently maintain your machines from a remote location.

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SiteRemote Server

SiteRemote is a server application used for monitoring and maintaining kiosk terminals running SiteKiosk software (Basic Version or higher) from a remote location. Based on Microsoft .NET Framework, SiteRemote runs on Windows 2003 server in combination with Microsoft SQL database.

There are two versions of SiteRemote available: The SiteRemote Application Service Provider (ASP) where customers access the service through a web browser by logging onto The data and connections to client terminals are stored on the PROVISIO servers and leased on a 3-month or annual basis. The other version, SiteRemote Server (Personal and Business Edition), is licensed and offered as a one-time purchase of the software. This version allows you to set up a local server on your network, with all of the functions of SiteRemote
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This software is specifically designed to suit the needs of Internet cafes and allows you to manage credit and customer accounts stored on one or several hundred SiteKiosk client machines from one central location - whether the clients are connected by a local network or over the Internet.
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