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Support Request: Unable to open PDF file


I am attempting to open a PDF file from an internal site, but one of these issues arise:

(1) system hangs at progress bar that reads initializing, may go away after a long while, May be able to logout or may have to do a hard shutdown
(2) may get "error window: Files does not begin with '%PDF-'. (depending on the document)

Réponse: (3)

Re: Unable to open PDF file 26/10/2018 22:48
Clicking the refresh button allows for PDF to open. How can i get it to open without clicking refresh.
Re: Unable to open PDF file 29/10/2018 15:08
The "file does not begin with %pdf" error seems to be an error with adobe reader. After a google search, try unchecking "display pdf in browser" in the settings of adobe reader on your machine.
Re: Unable to open PDF file 29/10/2018 15:26
AWESOME, problem solved!